New York Fashion Week 👗👠💄

Hello #glamsquad!

In Puerto Rico these days were quite tough as we prepared to receive Hurricane Irma which was category 5 😩

Thankfully she moved up north and wherever she decides to go I pray that everyone is safe and prepared.

This past Wednesday while we awaited for Irma I decided to relax and watch YouTube videos to control the anxiety, but I suddenly remembered: New York Fashion Week kicked off 🎉

One of my favorite designers Tom Ford presented his Spring ’18 collection which was inspired by the 1990’s.

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner (who took a stop in her Estee Lauder campaign to attend and model in the show) and our puertorrican beauty Joan Smalls were some of the models that exude elegance, confidence and fierceness.

NYFW is from Sept. 7 to Sept. 13, be sure to check out all the collections, pictures and videos in the following link: NYFW Here are some of my favorite looks from Tom Ford’s collection:

Key takeaways:

✅Vibrant colors – rose gold, orange, blue, white, lime and black mixed with metallics and leather

✅ Sexy leotards/ Short tops mixed with casual pants

✅Jackets combined with shorts or dresses to give a funky and edgy look

✅Dresses or pants filled with sparkle – perfect for a night out ✨

Hope you get inspiration and check out what trends are presented by each designer and see what’s coming up for next season.


Carla Janelle

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Beauty Boxes 101

Hola #glamsquad!!!!

Hoy les escribo sobre un tema que me gusta mucho y se trata de las famosas cajitas de belleza que llegan por correo. Las mismas han cobrado una demanda increíble por su versatilidad, variedad, conveniencia y por ser costo-efectivas.

Te identificas con lo siguiente?

«Me encantaría recibir muestras/productos de belleza o de cuidado personal todos los meses»

«Mi tiempo es limitado y se me hace difícil enterarme de los productos nuevos»

«A veces me compro algo en la tienda, pero cuando me lo pruebo en casa, no me gusta como me queda»

«En ocasiones estoy arreglada súper linda pero no tengo idea para dónde ir y divertirme un rato»

Si contestaste que sí a cualquiera de estas preguntas, es hora de probar y pedir una «beauty box»

Yo empecé hace unos meses y les doy un resumen de mi experiencia hasta ahora:

  1. «My Fabulous Box» – Así como su nombre, es una cajita chic que ofrece productos/muestras de belleza y se distingue porque se trabaja localmente.Además, ofrece descuentos adicionales de distintos comercios. (Por ejemplo, en mi primera cajita recibí productos NYX, un esmalte plateado y hasta un cupón para un sandwich de 6″ de Subway, que chulo verdad?) Hay distintos niveles y precios por cada una asi que tienes opciones para escoger. Precio regular $9.99 en adelante    MyFABbox
  2. Merodea- Debes estar suscrita en para recibir la caja mensual. Una vez  esté lista, recibes un correo con un link directo para pedir la misma. De igual manera, recibes muestras de belleza, productos para el cuidado de la piel y hasta un cupón de descuento para asistir a un restaurante o evento. (Una de las cajitas que recibí tenía una oferta de 2 mojitos gratis en el restaurante Santaella…que divino!) Precio regular  $5.99         merodea box
  3. «Ipsy»- Esta es una muy reconocida a nivel internacional y de igual manera esta se enfoca en ofrecer muestras/productos de belleza, del cuidado de la piel o del cabello. Al ser un producto internacional, la variedad de marcas que ofrece es mayor. En este caso, el empaque tiene un tema (ej. flores) y llega en una bolsa de cosméticos con disenos variados. Precio regular $9.99       ipsy bag


Gracias a mi amiga y compañera bloguera Atabex, aquí les comparto un link para que vean la variedad de «beauty boxes» que hay en el mercado.

Espero se animen y pidan la que más le guste para que comiencen a probrar productos diferentes y de buena calidad.

Un abrazo #deimpacto para todas!!

Carla Janelle



Hey #glamsquad!!!!

Today I write about a topic that I really like, and it’s about beauty boxes sent through the mail. These boxes are very popular due to their versatility, variety,  and convenience. Also, very cost effective!

Do you identify with the following:

«I would love to receive samples/products that are beauty or personal care related every month»

«My time is limited and its difficult for me to try new products»

«Sometimes I buy something at the store but then, when I try it at home, I don’t like it»

«Ocassionally, if I’m well dressed I have no idea where I can go out and get a drink»

If you agree with any of these statements, its time to try a beauty box!!!

I started ordering them a few months ago and let me share with you my experience:

  1. My Fabulous box – Just like its name, this chic box offers beauty products/samples, and, it’s completely packaged and sent locally. You also receive discounts for different places. (For example, in my first box, I received NYX products, a silver nail polish and a coupon for a free 6′ sandwich from Subway, nice right?) There are different types and prices, so you have many options to pick from. Price start at $9.99
  2. Merodea- If you subscribe to the website, you can order it. When they are available, you’ll get an email with the direct link to pre-order. Its the same concept, you get beauty samples/products, promotions and discounts for skin care products- like Aveeno lotion, and a Lactovit bodywash. (One time , I received  2 free mojitos for Santaella restaurant, how divine!) Regular price $5.99
  3. Ipsy- It’s  internationally known, so it offers  a wider variety of skin care products and samples that aren’t so available, locally or in the states. (For example Hanalei, City Color, and Pacifica – which are based on naturally based mineral products) Also, instead of a box, you receive a bag with a different theme, every time. Regular price $9.99
Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Atabex, the enclosed link is for you to check out the variety of glam boxes you will love!

Hope you feel inspired to try them out!

Order one so you can find new  high quality products  and see what’s out there.

Hugs to you all,

Carla Janelle