Cannes 2016 


Just wanted to show a few looks that caught my eye in the Cannes Film Festival in France.

1. Kendall Jenner 

This black dress looks amazing on her not just because she has an incredible body shape,but she carries herself with such sofistication and elegance. She is a show stopper in any red carpet. Bravo KJ!
2.Blake Lively

Her style is effortless and classy. I think she is that girl next door you would want to hang out with, but party too! This nude color with sparkling details are a clever combination because its very feminine and you stand out from the crowd. Did you know she recently had a baby? Yes, I’m not kidding!

3. Jessica Chastain 

She reminds me of a softer Jessica Rabbit with a twist Lol

I really love a look that is romantic yet modern and this definitely nailed it! The details ending with a falling champagne tulle makes this piece very beautiful abd timeless.

Slay it ladies!!!!

1. Ryan Gosling

This creme white jacket look is stunning plus its distinctive in a night where almost every male wears a tuxedo o black jacket. 
2. Justin Timberlake
I guess as a fan I’m use to seeing him in a sporty or with fancy clothing due to his performances on stage. Its great to see him in a very classy look in Cannes. Yo go JT! 

Any favorite look that you like? What do you think about my picks?

Feel free to comment! Thank you for reading my blog!
Carla Janelle

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